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Little Paul's
Barnyard Friends

The Best Relationship Book Series.

Little Paul’s Barnyard Friends is a relationship book.

It focuses on the special bond that Little Paul has built with his Aunt Mary and Uncle Willie. Along with his pet dog, Samson, Little Paul discovers a world that is completely lost to children today.

By visiting the barnyard with Little Paul your child is provided the opportunity to see the world through Little Paul’s eyes. Your child will follow Little Paul as he meets a horse, a pig, a barn cat, ducks, geese, sheep, and goats. Your child will even get to see the animals play in a way that is just like them.

The Best Book Series for Speech Development.

“I bought this book for both my granddaughter & a coworker’s daughter. I love the way it is written to teach reading. I would highly recommend getting this for any child.”

Little Paul’s Barnyard Friends opens the door to early childhood development. Author, Paul Griesbach, has worked very closely with Speech-Language Pathologist, Laura Phillips Griesbach, to create something very special for your child. The Little Paul Book Series is Phonetically-Engineered. This helps your child to implement language strategies in a fun way without even being aware that they are learning.

Little Paul’s Barnyard Friends is fun.

Searching for Positive Role Models for Young Children.
Little Paul is naturally curious and full of adventure. He always wants to do the right thing.

A Teammate on Your Side.
Little Paul will always be a teammate Mom and Dad can always rely on.


Little Paul
and Samson

You are picking up a book specifically designed to help your child learn to enjoy reading as they join Little Paul and Samson on many journeys. Each book in the series targets different phonological and linguistic skills within a new journey.

By combining age appropriate phonological and linguistic skills kids learn to read these books out loud with joy. Little Paul books are illustrated with clear pictures to facilitate development of your child’s receptive and expressive vocabulary.

Little Paul books have a bonus feature not available in traditional children’s books. Many children are delayed in their speech and language skills. Many children are nonverbal and require augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) in order to communicate with others.

As a speech therapy company, we understand the challenge of using AAC to facilitate communication including reading. We have made it easier to include core vocabulary, especially for those using Minspeak software.

Minspeak system is an effective and efficient language representation method that promotes independent communication. Minspeak was developed by Bruce Baker, (1943-2020, A.M.. L.H.D., (Hons. Caus.). Founder of Minspeak Language Systems. Semantic Corporation Systems, Inc.


The Best Gift Ever

Are you frustrated and unsure of the way to give your child a voice to express himself?

You are picking up a step by step program written by a speech pathologist to unlock communication. Join me as I introduce you to my friend NOAH and the program he inspired me to write so others receive the gift of communication.

You are picking up a book which empowers to give the gift of communication to those who are trapped within their own thoughts. Imagine what it would be like if you were unable to express your thoughts. Due to autism, verbal apraxia, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, stroke, dementia, and degenerative diseases such as ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s disease many children and adults remain nonverbal and are unable to communicate their thoughts.

Master the gift of giving others the ability to communicate. Here is the training to enable you to acquire the necessary skills to help your loved one find their voice using a step by step process.

Develop the skills to unlock communication using the NOAH program which combines a nonverbal cognitive assessment and treatment plan, oral motor intervention to develop verbal skills, acquire another means to communicate using AAC, and develop cognitive and communication skills to last a lifetime!

Welcome to our journey!


Coming Soon

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